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Alkaline Water Testimonials

“I don’t know if you remember that I bought an alkaline water filter from you almost a year ago. I admit that I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, because I thought that water is water and how much difference can it make…? Well, it did make a difference. Firstly I noticed that my water was clearer in colour, then that it was tastier, and then… well, the truth is that my migraines stopped short sometime in April about two months after I bought the filter from you.

The only difference in my life, diet and stress levels was this filter. Since then I started paying attention to the little things and I found that my fingers are a bit more flexible and I don’t have stomach cramps. Also I give the filtered water to my animals (cat and dog) and they look more sprightly. The cat has arthritis, but he started jumping on the table again.

Just in case you want to use this ‘thank you note’ as a testimonial, I’ll mention that I am 64 yo and my dog 15 and cat 13. I appreciate the fact that you urged me to buy this product, I guess you never know any better until you try it.”

Sophia, VIC AU
“I previously suffered from severe tendonitis and chronic achilles heel inflammation from a football injury more than 20 years ago. I had been to various sports therapists over the years without any improvement. It felt like walking on glass first thing in the morning and after moderate exercise. I started drinking the hydrogen rich alkaline water and after about 3 months I noticed that I was no longer in pain. After several years of drinking alkaline water, the pain has not come back and it’s great to be able to run around again.”
Graham, NSW AU
“I have been suffering from high sugar levels for several years. Since installing the new advanced alkaline water filter my sugar levels have dropped by 30% together with my medication.What I have noticed is my desire for ‘sugar’ laced products,such as chocolates,cakes,biscuits etc; has ceased absolutely which obviously has been instrumental in the reduced sugar levels in my system. I am now enjoying better health overall. I’ve noticed arthritis that was starting in my hands has also gone away. A very grateful customer.”
John, QLD AU
“The first thing I noticed when I started drinking alkaline water was that the water was able to quench my thirst unlike normal tap water. And then, when I saw friends they all commented on how my skin looked so much better and hydrated”
Jenny, NSW AU
“We stared using this filter, in August 2014, because at times, the tap water wasn’t so clear and it had a sweet flavour. Our family now enjoys, crystal clear water and we also use it when we cook. The installation of the unit is quite easy and is working smoothing without any problem. We love this filter and we recommend it without any hesitation. ”
Peter, ACT AUS
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