Our Philosophy.

"based on the principles of naturopathy"

Facts of life in Australia today

Our Philosophy

  • Most people don’t drink enough water because it tastes bad and bloats
  • Tap water is dosed with chemicals to manage bacteria and acidity
  • We are bombarded with more toxins everyday than ever before
  • The typical diet and lifestyle creates excess acidity in the body that leads to poor health
  • Australians are typically deficient of essential minerals
  • Most pharmaceutical drugs treat the symptoms NOT the cause
  • More people are awakening to the potential power of good nutrition and natural therapies

All products by Naturopath’s Choice are co-designed by one of Australia’s leading naturopaths and an Australian alkalising and water filtration expert with more than 30 years combined experience and are based on the principles of naturopathy:

  • To treat the cause NOT just the symptoms
  • For wellness and the prevention of diseases
  • Holistic care
  • encourage your body’s own natural healing and immunity systems

A range of specially formulated filter options being developed

One of the principles of naturopathy is that “one size does not fit all” as everybody’s DNA, lifestyle and environment is different. As a result, our vision is to create a range of individually formulated filter options to allow individuals to choose which option is best suited for their health needs. For example, people suffering from osteoporosis need more magnesium, calcium, silica and so on.

We aim to progressively introduce these new filter options to the market as they are developed and tested.

That is why millions of people passionate about their own and their family’s health choose a naturopath.

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