Environmentally Friendly.

Economical & easy to use

Easy on enviro, money & time

Removes the need for plastic bottled water

Environmentally FriendlyAccording to Choice Online, Australians use a reported 10 to 15 billion drink containers a year. Only about 40% of these are recycled – predominantly through kerbside recycling. The rest end up as litter or landfill, with significant environmental impacts.

Plastic containers, their lids, and the plastic ring around the lid pose well-documented hazards to wildlife such as sea birds. As they break down, pieces are eaten by fish and the plastic may leach a toxic cocktail into the food chain.

And plastic bottled water is not without chemicals, according to studies of European bottled waters carried out in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France— one published in 2011 and the other in 2013 —by Martin Wagner, a scientist at Goethe University Frankfurt’s Department of Aquatic Ecotoxicology. “Plastic bottled water had a higher contamination of chemicals than glass bottles,” he says. “There are many compounds in plastic bottled water that we don’t want to have there.”

Together, filtered MinWell+ water and a reusable glass or stainless steel bottle are an ideal solution for going green at home and on the go. It’s an easy change that can make a big difference.

Convenient and easy to install and operate

flow diverterYour MinWell+ can be installed in a matter of minutes directly to your kitchen tap as long as your tap has an aerator at the end of the spout which can be unscrewed exposing a thread with a diameter of approximately 20mm. This is the standard kitchen tap found in approximately 95% of homes in Australia. The MinWell+ cannot be connected to taps without an aerator like some retractable shower taps, thin gooseneck taps or old “laundry-style” oval taps.

A flow diverter plus a set of attachments for different sized tap spouts is included in your MinWell+ box. The flow diverter is screwed onto the end of your spout in place of the aerator and when you want the water to flow through your MinWell+, you turn the lever in the direction of the MinWell+ and turn the tap on. When you want normal tap water for dishwashing, for example, you turn the flow diverter lever towards the sink and the water will come out of your tap like normal.

Once installed, the beauty of the MinWell+ is that it is so convenient. No filling jugs, you just turn on your tap and you can enjoy a glass of great tasting, thirst quenching nutritious MinWell+ water.

undersink installationIf you would prefer to keep your kitchen benchtop free of the MinWell+ OR you are unable to connect it directly to your tap, it is easy to install it under the sink and connect it via your cold water line.

You’ll need to order a MinWell+ undersink kit – plus drill a small hole in your sink bench top. Do NOT buy a standard faucet from your local hardware. You need a special kit that keeps the mains pressure away from the MinWell+. The wrong kit will allow full mains pressure and may rupture your MinWell+ AND void your warranty.

Value for money

The MinWell+ is extremely economical at $399 which includes your 1st filter that will last up to 6 months or 2,500 litres, which works out to be about 15c/litre. The replacement filter is $109 which works out to be an ongoing cost of less than 5c/litre. Compare this to other options and we think you’ll agree this is one of life’s easiest decisions:

  • bottled spring water is typically acidic, lacks natural minerals such as magnesium and costs anywhere from $1 – $4/litre
  • basic “department store” filters remove only a fraction of the contaminants of the MinWell+, add no extra healthy minerals, pH, anti-inflammatories or anti-oxidants and have a short filter life costing around 10c/litre
  • the leading electronic water ioniser costs at least 10 times more than the MinWell+ and unless you invest in multiple pre-filters removes only a fraction of the contaminants.
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