Daily Detox.

Removes contaminants with pure water

Detox your body and support an organic, natural lifestyle everyday

Toxins build up in your body every day from all sorts of sources; polluted air, processed foods, too much alcohol and caffeine, stress, unclean water and excessive electromagnetic devices. Water is a natural detoxifier but normal tap water can only get into the body’s cells so far and fat cells, in particular, are a home for toxins and are reluctant to let them go. The liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood and lymphatic systems are all designed to work together to ensure any dangerous toxins are chemically transformed into less harmful compounds that are then excreted from the body. But they have never before had so many toxins to deal with everyday!

How does it workThe great thing about MinWell+ water is that it is micro-clustered and infused with hydrogen gas. With normal tap water, the water molecules tend to form in clusters of 15 – 20 molecules. MinWell+ water is ionised through its reaction with the pure magnesium in the filter. The water clusters tend to be smaller, consisting of 4 – 6 molecules, and hydrogen, being one of the smallest element in the universe, is able to penetrate, neutralise and flush out toxins.

Unlike the more expensive electronic ionisers, the MinWell+ does not need electricity and uses only natural minerals, much like water running over rocks and a waterfall, to cleanse your body every time you have a drink.

Able to reduce and remove a much broader range of contaminants…

Most basic “department store” water filters are simple Chlorine, Taste & Odour filters. They’re made from a cheap carbon technology to reduce only a few contaminants. The MinWell+ multi-layer filter contains quality certified ingredients each designed to remove the maximum amount of contaminants for the maximum amount of time. The bottom half of the filter removes the contaminants while the top half re-energises and enhances the health giving qualities.

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