Alkalises and Mineralises.

Naturally alkalises and adds essential minerals for your body

Alkaline water that can be adjusted from 8 to 10pH

Fact one: As we age, the water in our body typically becomes more acidic
Fact two: Pollution, the typical diet, most bottled water and stress adds to this acidity
Fact three: An acidic body is a breeding ground for a vast range of degenerative diseases
Fact four: Alkaline neutralises acid

There are many ways to reduce your body’s acidity and to alkalise including alkaline water, an alkaline diet, meditation and alkaline supplements. The benefits of alkaline water are that it is easy, effective and relatively cheap.

flow control valveNeutral water (ie neither acidic nor alkaline) is 7pH. The lower the pH, the more acidic it is and the higher the ph (up to a maximum of 14pH) the more alkaline it is.

Most bottled spring water is acidic. Rainwater collected in a plastic tank is acidic. Reverse Osmosis and distilled water is acidic.

MinWell+ water is alkaline thanks to the alkalising minerals in the top half of the filter. You can adjust the level of pH in the MinWell+ water by simply adjusting the speed of the water flow. This can be done via your tap or via the flow control valve at the bottom of the unit.

The slower the flow, the higher the pH and the faster the flow, the lower the pH.

For people who would like to drink neutral pH filtered water from the MinWell+ with their food and medications, simply fill up a jug and let it sit open during the day or overnight.

With multiple essential minerals added in the water for easy absorption

More than 80% of people come to naturopaths with symptoms caused by excess acidity &/or a deficiency in one or more of the following essential minerals:

  • Magnesium for cardio health, neutralising excess acidity, activating muscles and nerves and creating energy in your body
  • Calcium for strengthening bones and teeth, neutralising excess acidity, and weight management
  • Potassium for stroke, blood pressure, anxiety and stress, muscular strength, metabolism, heart and kidney disorders and water balance
  • Zinc for the immune system, digestion, control of diabetes, improving stress levels and energy metabolism
  • Selenium for reducing the risk of cancers, protecting your heart, regulating thyroid hormones, boosting your immune system, acting as an anti-inflammatory and fighting free radicals
  • Silica for the source of youth: healthy bones, beautiful hair and strong nails
  • Manganese for healthy bone structure, bone metabolism and building essential enzymes for building bones
  • Chromium for monitoring blood sugar, aiding metabolism, reducing food cravings, regulating fat and cholesterol, preventing hypertension

Drinking MinWell+ water is a convenient and efficient way to increase your daily mineral intake. Minerals in water are easily absorbed by the body and MinWell+ infuses all of the above macro alkaline minerals and trace elements in the safe and balanced proportion. For mineral test results, take a look at the comparative test table on the replacement filter page.

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