Naturopaths Choice

Alkaline water filter, ioniser and mineraliser – straight from your tap!

More than 80% of people come to naturopaths and other health practitioners with symptoms related to excess acidity &/or a deficiency in one or more essential minerals. The health challenge is finding a way to easily and inexpensively supplement what is lacking in the average Australian diet.

To address this problem, we have created naturopaths choice, jointly owned by one of Australia’s leading naturopaths and an Australian alkalising and water filtration expert with more than 30 years combined experience.

The MinWell+ alkaline water filter, ioniser and mineraliser, transforms ordinary old tap water into healthy, great tasting and thirst quenching water that you can drink every day to rehydrate and nourish you inside and out.

Why do naturopaths choose MinWell+

Introducing the MinWell+

Alkaline and ionised water

How to setup your MinWell+

The first thing that people notice about MinWell+ water is its great taste. With the removal of chlorine and toxins and the running of the water over natural alkalising minerals in the filter, it is often described as “silky, smooth and wetter” water. People feel less bloated drinking MinWell+ water because it’s easier to digest and the water rehydrates your body inside and out. Many people notice within a few days that their skin has a healthy glow and they are less dehydrated.

But there is much more to the great range of MinWell+ alkalising water filters than first meets the eye. Discover more reasons why naturopaths choose MinWell+:

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